Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Massive Progress

Given the immense amount of work and time accrued by developing this mod, it may come out sooner than I hope. The release date that I gave out before of late October is obviously not going to be realistic, but I can see it being released half way through November. The reason for this is the addition of a large new swathe of land, sporting their own dungeons and quests. Main quest is also completed, and I finished the outline of the last large dungeon called "Umbasir". The direnni city nestled within the wilderness of High Rock.

I will try to keep the dungeons as spoiler free as possible within this post, as they're still lacking content and clutter, so what you see is the concept of the dungeon.

The city of Evermore is now fully detailed and ready for play, though still lacking quests and interactivity in terms of NPC dialogue/actions.

As formerly stated, the new patch of land I conceived and am now in the process of giving context. The first two images below are outdated by a week, the landscape has been cluttered with generic landscape items (rocks/trees/dirt cliffs). And texture work has been done so that the land isn't too monotone. You can also see the new mountain range in the background that should make for pleasant vistas, the series of mountains on the left can be traversed, an example being displayed in the last two images showing the peak of that mountain chain.

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  1. hi me name is noam and i would like to help you with voice acting, i love this project and would like to help in any way i can, i never tried to mod skyrim, i have no past experience in voice acting, i am 14 years old so i could voice from children to young adults, my main language is hebrew but i talk and type english pretty well, Email me if you want my help