Thursday, 17 September 2015

Beyond Reach 3.5 Progress

Update 3.5 will introduce more variety and compatibility with other mods hosted on the Nexus and other sites. Such as Revenge of the Enemies and Immersive creatures, this will be done through leveled actor placements in dungeons which are suitable for their existence (such as dwemer dungeons).

There will be many changes for version 3.5, including the following:

- Changed and overhauled aesthetics and layouts of dungeons I thought were lacking

Allesia's Impasse

- Introduced some new force greets throughout main quest and new events
- Introduction of misc and combat dialogue for Exiles, Witchmen, Common people and Guards
- Revamped Ulkarin Follower so that he has new custom dialogue thanks to the very talented River Kanoff, who provided his voice for many of the characters already

- Ulkarin will comment on almost every quest in Beyond Reach, without being too overbearing. He will also comment on various locations in vanilla Skyrim. Full fledged follower.

- Dragons, and any creatures using the dragon skeletons will now fly over land like they're supposed to, and will not fly through or under it
 - Performance overhaul, many occlusion boxes and planes have been introduced to interiors and dungeons. Expect a 10-15 fps increase in cities.
 - Radiant conversations, NPCs and enemies will now have random conversations with each other to make the world seem more alive.

 - Radiant quests, new bounty quests that will essentially give you infinite things to do in the mod, with a wide array of dungeons and overworld locations to complete the quests in
- Many small aesthetic touches and changes, such as fixing doors so they don't appear to be bugged, changes to landscape textures and taking away any remaining holes in the landscape

 -Changed appearance of the Witchmen so they stand out from the Forsworn

 - Made the custom armors in the Reach craftable and improvable (Can be tempered) after specific points in the main quest and that you have the correct perk point/level in smithing.
- Leveled list on enemies, so you will find a generic Witchman at level 1-15, Witchman Lunatic at 15-30, Witchman fanatic at 30-45, Witchman Sadist at 45-60. This was introduced because of complaints about difficulty. Each enemy in the leveled list will have new abilities instead of just stat increases.

-LOD for Reach Trees, no longer will they pop in out of nowhere

-Entirely new "shortcut" which connects the north of the reach to High Rock proper, without the need to go through a city or dungeon.

 - Shortcut has new area where you can attain a new shout.

Wolve's Watch

Not sure when the update will be released as it's entirely dependent on how fast the voice actors can perform their roles.