Thursday, 28 August 2014

CIty of Evermore Development + Scuttling void.

2 dungeon layouts have been completed for the scuttling void, being the sanatorium and tower. The themes of the dungeons have been set and the meshes placed. Will add clutter and scripts/sounds to add atmosphere later on in development.

Idea to have branching main quest where you help the witchmen, will have quests in the scuttling void as a "custodian".

Started development of Evermore yesterday.

 Can appreciate the scale of the city with the default COC actor.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Update on Reach worldspace + Scuttling void

Location of inception. Quest will be called "Interlopers".

Low level enemies that will serve as cannon fodder.

 Architecture retextured to make the world more unique.

Friday, 8 August 2014

New tower design.

Utilizing dragonborn assets without the need of dlc for the players (Ripped meshes/textures from .bsa). Not sure if this is a breach of copyright....

Outline of Silent Man's Sanatorium is also completed.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Help needed for mod development

Contact me through email; (Unprofessional email because I don't want to share real name)

Or contact me through this blog and my nexus account

What I need:
-Someone to write lore books
-Someone adept at level design to develop the cities of evermore and wayrest
-A competent scripter

I will be turning my mod into an .ESM to allow multiple people to work on it.

I'm also in need of some voice actors due to demand.

Needing people who can fulfill the roles of:

-Old woman (serious)
-Bitter condescending man
-Assertive Officer
-Young angry man
-Woman with normal accent
-Nordic sounding man
-Nordic sounding woman
-Man with normal humorous tone

New worldspace development for main quest.

Crying Coast


Ascent to Silent Mans Sanctum

Silent Mans Sanctum

The Scuttling Void. Where the conclusion of the main quest will take place. Where you will find out who terrorizes the reach, and what their goal is.