Beyond Reach

                                      BEYOND REACH

The reach, a land of grey skies with no respite beneath them. Where the soil is drenched with the tears of Kynareth and the love of Mara has little haven.

Where a pox ravages the lands to the west, and threatens to spill further to endanger the whole of Tamriel.

Take your adventures beyond Markarth to encounter a new spiteful realm, full with danger and the shelter you find isn't free from the horrors from outside.

Is this despair caused by the people? Or by some force that lurks beyond the ether? Do the Witchmen act on their own behalf? Or are they the puppets of something much more sinister?

These questions will be found out as you trek your way across quagmires, cliff faces, dense valleys and the bitter cold.

  • A huge worldspace with the span of 3 Skyrim Holds
  • A detailed worldspace with no corner left untouched, meticulously crafted and engrossing.
  • New Factions, Meet the inhabitants of the divide, who reside upon a huge bridge that acts as a crossing for trade
  •   Arnima, the people of Arnima are grim, but given their situation and the omens they deal with, is not uncalled for.
  •   -Evermore, The Pearl of the East, Shimmering and standing tall with the terrors of the reach behind, and rolling hills of green beyond.
  •   The Witchmen, The madmen of the reach, where once they were sporadic and stayed amongst their own enclaves, now have become more calculated, and more malicious.
  •   Orsinium's Sons, Orcish invaders from the scattered tribes of orismer, trying to resurrect a shattered homeland by the act of rapid conquest.
  •   Dragonstar Mercenaries, Opportunists from hammerfell who have descended upon Arnima due to the recent flood weakening its defenses, they seek to plunder any remaining wealth the Town has.
  •   The Exiles, Casted from the walls of all the cities in High Rock, they find home within the dense wilds and cliffs of the region. Thieves, murderers, rapists and plenty other labels are attributed to these lost dogs. They can also become allies with the help of the many beggars who inhabit the cities underbellies.
  •  The afflicted, men cursed with a pox that spares only those in the prime of their lives, but sunders those who are young and old. The plague almost seems sentient in nature, maybe it didn't come around naturally?

  • New armor, new models for the Divide guard, Arnimain Guard and the Evermorin Purgers.
  • New weapons, Discover new models and powerful new weapons based off vanilla meshs.
  • 28 quests including a robust main quest, find the descendant of Mados, the man who fought back the orismer incursion at Grey Belmor 30 years prior to the events in game, and his armor. Taking you across Beast dens, Dwemner facilities and frozen tombs.
  • Unique dialogue for over 50 NPCs
  • New spells, aquired through your exploration of the world or as quest rewards.
  • Over 25 dungeons, ranging from Mines, forts, subterranean facilities, frozen tombs, ice caves, Spires and spider caverns.
Head towards Markarth, a man will be waiting next to the carriage, talk to him to go to the new location.

There is no voice acting, so enable subtitles please.


Download with NMM is preferable. For manual:

Extract the zip file into the Data folder of your skyrim directory, DO NOT DELETE THE MUSIC FOLDER THAT COMES WITH THE MOD


  1. Having a great time playing through this - thanks for making it!

  2. Is Evermore allready playable? Because I could only enter it with the tcl-Cheat.

  3. I'm stuck in the Grand Undercroft. How do I get through the 'whirling' vortexes?

  4. Hello, I see you are looking for a 3D modeler. You can contact me at Here is a link to my portfolio.

  5. Is this available for xbox one? When I search 'Beyond Reach' it doesn't show up.